In our members' area you will have access to the thousands of original Japanese spanking pictures and movies. These material are exclusive to Cutie Spankee and all are shot in Japan using only Japanese models. By it's uniqueness, quality of product and cute Japanese models, CUTIE SPANKEE has attracted over 10,000 members!
Now we have over 300 Windows Media Player and Real Player movies with a total running time of over 450 minutes. You can watch and enjoy cute Japanese girls getting what they deserve.
There are now over 120 photo galleries - each contaning around 50 high quality images. New galleries are added weekly. Each gallery is different with its own situation and costumes. You'll never be bored at Cutie Spankee.
We work hard to bring you realistic settings and costumes with plausible punishment scenarios to satisfy all of your fantasies.
Category 1 [School Girl]
CUTIE SPANKEE has many school discipline sets. Our cute Japanese girls in a variety of school uniform all end up in the same positions OTK or bent over for the punishments they need.
Category 2 [Home Discipline]
Domestic spanking scenes involving mothers and daughters. You're bound to be fascinated by the way that these cute Japanese girls squeal and cry out during their spankings.
Category 3 [Sports Scenes]
Traditional hierarchies prevail between senior and junior girls in many Japanese sporting clubs. Corporal punishment is a common means of maintaining discipline.
Category 4 [Work Scenes]
Some women still need strict corporal punishment even though they are working adults. In our galleries you'll see their uniform skirts raised and their bottoms spanked - just like little girls.
Category 5 [Period Scenes]
One of our favorites is recreating period discipline scenarios with maids, governesses, matrons, and mothers. Cutie Spankee gives you a taste of the good-old days.
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